About Us

About Us

Vinaditya Trading Company Limited was incorporated on 30 April, 1981 in the state of Maharashtra.

Main Object Clause of the company is” To carry on in India or elsewhere occupation or business or commerce of exporters, importers, merchants, agents, brokers, factors, commission agents, adatias, dealers in merchandise and produce of things, contractors, engineers and to undertake and carry on commercial, trading agency and other occupations.

It has a 100% Subsidiary - ANR Investments Limited, this was incorporated in the state of Maharashtra on 11th Feb, 1981

Main object of ANR is

“To carry on business of an investment Company and to underwrite, sub underwrite, to invest in or otherwise acquire and hold, sell, buy or otherwise deal in share, debenture, debenture stock, bonds, units, obligations and securities issued and /or guaranteed by Indian or Foreign Governments, States, Dominions, Municipalities or Public Authorities or Bodies, share, stock, debenture, debenture stock, bonds, obligations and securities issued and/or guaranteed by Company, Corporation, firm or person, whether incorporated or established in India or elsewhere, bullion and property and to undertake, carry on and execute financial operations.


Board of Directors

Rammohan Bandlamudi
Mahendra Pipalwa
Satya Prakash Pathak
Mohandas Kotiappa Kankanady
Independent Director

Outcome of Board Meeting - 13/06/12

Vinaditya Trading Company Ltd has informed BSE that the Board of Directors of the Company at its meeting held on May 14, 2012, inter alia, have subject to approvals of Hon'ble High Court, stock exchange and other relevant authorities, approved the amalgamation of ANR Investment Limited (wholly owned subsidiary) with the Company.

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